A General Overview

Real Time

Every action is logged real time on the child’s computer and all updates are done instantly.


Everything is run locally with AES encryption to keep unauthorized people away.


Fully customizable, to provide a better experience for each unique household.


Was programmed with curious kids in mind, everything can be blocked, monitored and seen no matter what the child does.

Programmed And Implemented With

Programmed with Java, Lombok, Spring Web, Spring Security, Spring Data, JavaScript and HTML.


Designed for parents that want to ensure that their children are actually learning and participating in online classes instead of playing games and surfing the web.


Utilizes the most up-to-date and enterprise level software to ensure the most reliable, user-friendly and effective product possible.

How Does It Block Applications?

In order to block applications, the program utilizes an event found in windows itself that detects when a program is being initiated and transferred into RAM. Then if the program is not supposed to be run, the task is stopped.

If a program is already running, the application scans all the programs currently running utilizing the task list function found in Windows and then stops the task if it is not supposed to be running.

How Does Website Monitoring Work?

Website monitoring was a tricky process to figure out. To allow website blocking and monitoring, the program creates a local DNS, Domain Name System, server running on port 53 ( and then filters all the internet connections from the computer. If the website is not allowed, then a blackhole request generated, effectively blocking the connection. This method was utilized to allow monitoring of all internet activity regardless of the browser or application used.

Web Server

The program creates a web server on port 80 using Spring Framework. This web server allows for the guardians the ability to view, monitor, edit and change aspects of the computer remotely.

How Does Screen Monitoring Work?

Screen monitoring works by taking a screenshot of the child’s computer and then sending a picture back to the observer at a rate of 3 frames/second. This rate is customizable, but the is recommended at remain in the range of 3-6.