A General Overview

< 3 Seconds To Process

Processes information instantly to allow for instantaneous results so many computers can be compared simultaneously.

Cached Data

To provide a faster and better experience, once all data is collected for a computer, it is stored to a SQL database for later access. This provides faster times if the computer is compared in the future.

Easy To Understand

Designed to allow a Best Buy employee the ability to easily describe and show the differences between each computers.


Accesses the latest databases for Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Acer, Lenovo, HP, etc. to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Programmed And Implemented With

Programmed in Java, C#, and SQL. A database handler was programmed in C# to run on the server to process and collect data to ensure faster processing time.


The purpose of this program was to allow Best Buy employees an easier time comparing computers with clients. It provides an easy to use GUI that compares all computers instantly.


When used with real customers, it was noticed that employees were able to help find the best computer in less than half the time. Saving both the customer and the employee time.

How Does The Program Work?

The user first inputs all computer SKU’s they want to compare, this is a simple code like: 6453189. The program then accessed Best Buy’s database and retrieves all the relative information about the computer, which includes the computer name and the model number. After this, the program then requests the information from the cached SQL database and if the information does not exist there, it is directly retrieved from the appropriate databases. Then the program repeats for each SKU listed.

How Does The Comparison Algorithm Work?

The comparison algorithm takes the computer as a whole and compares each component with how it should work depending on the customers needs.

Using userbenchmark database, it is then able to correctly calculate how powerful each component is and then score it on a ranking system. The ranking system is depending on how much power is needed based on specific user needs.

What Does The Database Handler Do?

The database handler slowly scans and processes the information in each of the databases and organizes the data in a SQL database. This database is then used as a cache system to speed up data collection. If the database does not contain the information needed, the client program will directly communicate to the respective databases and retrieve the required information. Then the database handler will store the data for later use.

What Do The Colors Mean In The Output Data?

The colors in the output data are Green (good), Yellow(take note), Red(warning), and no color (no comment).

Colors are only generated for the most important areas. And signify the most notable characteristics of each of the computer systems. This can be used to allow the employee to address further concerns related to the computers to find the most ideal computer for the individual.

Sample Output